VOICES OF HUMANS work to promote ‘Genderless society’ by protecting human rights and create a world free from inequalities by engaging with local and international volunteers/communities to build gender neutral sustainable lives. 

We envision a world where all people work to create a nonviolent, caring, and gender-equitable/Genderless future for themselves and for their children. Voices of Humans work through collaborative partnerships and advocacy initiatives with voluntary and people’s organizations, social groups, media, and society at large, to promote gender equity and justice and to advocate human rights of all individuals. 


Our team includes a pool of youth who are coming from highly diverse social, cultural and professional backgrounds; young artists, actors, social activists, academics and researchers representing various ethnic and cultural groups are part of our team. What is in common between us is that we all believe that we need to change the society we live in a progressive way. We started around 2013 as a youth group who mainly focused on utilizing Performing Arts to initiate discussion on social issues and networking with youth in the universities and youth clubs. Since then, we have conducted number of volunteer recruitment programmes in collaboration with number of Governmental, Non-Governmental and International organizations. 

Our focus is to develop Art based approaches to address social issues in a creative, innovative and effective manner. We are specialized in using Performing and Visual Arts especially the use of Stage Drama, Disruptive Theatre and Street Drama, music, dancing in addressing themes such as Gender, environmental sustainability and human rights. Also we believe Social Issues which affect the youth needs to be reported and researched in a youth friendly perspective, more preferably by the youth themselves. We are currently networked with young writers, young journalists; young researchers and young social activists while researching to discover innovative, youth friendly approaches to address social issues.

What We Do

We are recruiting international and local volunteers to promote respect, love and sustainable lives among peoples and the community through art based interventions. 

We are engaged with range of activities which connect art based approaches to address social issues with youth activism and youth volunteerism. Our work include creative productions, supplying training to Community based organizations on art based social intervention approaches, and capacity building of youth, children to address social issues.


  1. Creating a positive change in attitude and behavior in the community through arts. 
  2. Getting the active support of people to minimize and prevent gender based violence and to promote gender equality
  3. Working with men and boys for the prevention of gender based violence. 
  4. Promoting sustainable lives through environment protection 
  5. To work in collaboration with government and other charitable, educational, and social organizations in furtherance of objects of the organization.

Our Dream  

Our dream is to encourage young people (artist/students/Social workers) to volunteer for worthwhile work in developing countries like Sri Lanka. We expect that doing this kind of voluntary work will in time become the norm. As more and more people join us, we aim to create a multi-national community with a passion to serve, to learn, to understand, to teach, to inspire, and to be inspired.