Join with our Projects 

  • Art for social change    

We welcome local and international volunteers to join with us for art projects about current social issues in local communities. We believe that artist around the world can join together and make a difference for human lives 

We have different art projects for volunteers.  After volunteer recruitment we are giving facilities and available resources for the art productions. After the training program we are creating art productions and we will perform to the local/international communities. 

  • Video projects 

Volunteers who passionate about videographer and editing welcome to Voices of Humans to do video productions on current social issues. 

Example- ( YouTube link) 

  • Theater projects 

When you join us as theater volunteer you can engage with local drama productions and you will act or direct theater productions on social issues, such as Gender based violence/ environmental protection) 

  • Music and dancing projects

We believe that music and dance can influence peoples lives and music and dance always genderless. We welcome volunteers to do music project and dancing project about social issues. We are guiding volunteers to do their own art project/performance in local communities. 

  • Genderless jungle project  

Genderless jungle is a platform for each and every humans beings to explore themselves without any gender. You will stay in the jungle and connect with your friends and explore yourself with nature and genderless programs in the jungle. 

Genderless jungle surrounded by bamboo huts and we promote respect, equality and love among all volunteers. We are conducting performing art therapies, yoga, meditation and forest therapy in the jungle. We believe freedom is the most. Genderless jungle is like a wind water and trees , Genderless jungle humans explore themselves with respect and love.