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Volunteerism comes with one’s passion and dedication to work for the benefit of other human beings. It is not just a fact of altruism; it supplies meanings to communities and people as well as to your life as a volunteer. Also you gain unique skills by working with communities, and Social Work Agencies which will be useful in your future career. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities which will supply you a unique experience. 

Popular volunteering tasks include working with Art based Social Intervention projects, working with Schools and communities and Social Media Activities.

All the volunteers coming to work with ‘VOICES OF HUMANS’ will receive training on Art based approaches for social intervention. 

Volunteering in Rural Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Culture, environment and people would bring you a unique and amazing experience. Country is blessed with the natural wonders of beautiful beaches, forests, waterfalls, rivers and mountains. 

Meanwhile women, children and youth in rural areas face number of difficulties due to poverty and inequalities. There are number of opportunities available for you to engage in a vast variety of activities including assisting our ongoing Projects,   or becoming a Community Worker or designing art based project to address social issues. 

Also we work with number of vulnerable groups, including LGBT community, disabled persons, orphaned children, plantation sector youth and women, prisoners, ethnic minorities and sexual minorities. 

Community Volunteerism

Communities include rural villages, Schools, Minority communities, Student unions, communities of writers and artists etc. Your role as the community worker varies according to the needs of the community and your skills and interests. 

Following are our ongoing community activities:

  • Empowering Rural Schools “Addressing gender inequality issues in rural schools through performing Arts”
  • Environmental sustainability and Community Awareness Programme in Urban settings 
  • Addressing Rights of Indigenous people through Theatre, dance, music and video productions. 
  • Discussing stories of Sexual minorities ‘unfolding the untold stories’

Virtual volunteering

In Today’s World, Social media and Internet has major role to play in communicating messages to the youth. We believe ‘youth’ themselves have to take the leadership in leading the social media campaigns of societal change. 

Engage in Virtual volunteering by becoming a part of our social media activism or assisting our ongoing projects. We have been working on making short-films, videos, facebook groups, or tweets on art based approaches in social media to address social issues. 

Also you can come up with your own creative ideas/ projects and write to us. ‘Voices of Humans’ social media campaign is entirely a volunteer run campaign. 

International work-camp on Art Based Approaches on Social Intervention

This is an annual camps organized by ‘VOICES OF HUMANS’ Sri Lanka. This is an international voluntary project in which participants from different countries can meet, live, work, learn, and exchange with local people concerning issues about a social issue. The theme of the Workshop differs from year to year. This year we focus ‘Discussing Youth- Gender- and Sexualities through Art’.

You will receive opportunity to work with children, youths, international artist, Sexual minorities, Sexual Rights groups and Activists during the project. 

Please write to voicesofhumans@gmail.com for further details about the work camp. 

Work as Intern 

You can work with our Voices of Humans team as Intern for organizing the programs and events. You will design the programs and engage with local communities in Sri Lanka to implement programs in local and internationally. At least you should work as intern, one month.


Hello volunteers We are coming to Airport to welcome you 
Introductory program We are giving basic picture of Sri Lankanculture/food/environment/peoples life styles 
Initial art workshop  Residential Drama workshop Film and video/Music /Dance workshop 

you can engage with initial art workshops for different sub themes, You can create your own production and practice for community performances 
Volunteer in rural community You can spend your time in local community experience local Sri Lankan traditions and explore your world
Genderless jungle tourGenderless jungle is a space inside the jungle. We are spending our time without gender and enjoying freedom with respect and love Genderless Jungle link …
Art production practices After finalizing the production, you can practice productions with your team for performance 
Final productions Each and every group will practice their own productions and perform in the community for specific social issues. ( ex: Gender discrimination)